Exploring Faith?

Our church has always been passionate about helping people on their journey towards wholeness. We want people to have life-transforming experiences that help them know more of God’s love and enable them to live life to the full, in healthy relationship with God and with one another. As part of this vision we encourage you to explore these three options listed below!


The Christian faith is a relationship with God, and like all relationships it starts with a conversation. Probably lots of conversations! If you’re interested in finding out more about Christianity, if you have loads of questions, or if you find it interesting but feel very doubtful, there are several ways you can explore faith and God with North Birmingham Vineyard.

Life Groups.

All of our life groups are places where people from every background are welcome and no topic is off limits. Life groups meet on week night evenings and are a great place for connection, friendship and meeting with other members of our church. If you’d like to explore questions of faith in the context of a friendly group of people who live near to you get in touch with one of the team by clicking the box below.


Baptism is the way we tell our friends, family and the world that we are committed to following Jesus.

It basically involves two things: telling your story and getting extremely wet! Immersion in water is a symbol of the inner change that has taken place in our lives when we decide to follow Jesus.

In baptism, we identify with Jesus death, burial and resurrection. Going into, and then out of, the water, symbolically demonstrates these things. Often, when people get baptised, they share their story of how Jesus has changed their lives, which helps to encourage others and show that God works uniquely in every individual.

If you would like to get baptised, or would like to know more, chat to your life group leader or click below to be in touch with our team!